Repairs and Restorations

Cambridge Stained Glass can repair your treasured stained glass window, regardless of condition, and restore it to its former glory.

We specialise in copying and restoring stained glass and leaded lights in churches, commercial properties and private homes and we have extensive experience in providing a professional service from start to finish. Please see the Case Studies, including the supply of 100 leaded windows at Dalham Hall Stables in Suffolk, as part of a major restoration project supervised by English Heritage, and the recently completed painting of broken sections of a major restoration project of a damaged window at St Giles’ Church in Cambridge.

If you have acquired stained glass windows and would like them adapted to fit into the doors, fanlights or windows in your house or business, look no further than Cambridge Stained Glass.

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Some of our recent repairs and restorations…

repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-032-Before | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-032-After | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-031 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-030 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-029 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-028 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-027 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-026 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-025 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-024 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-023 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-022 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-021 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-020 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-019 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-018 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-017 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-016 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-015 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-014 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-013 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-012 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-011 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-010 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-009 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-008 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-007 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-006 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-005 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-004 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-003 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-002 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-001 | repair-and-restoration-stained-glass-panel-032-Before

Thank you for keeping us informed of progress along the way by using photos and for keeping to agreed timescales and working around our decorator.

Mr and Mrs E of Bury St Edmunds

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